The Odyssey Comix (GCSE version) paperback


NOTE: this is the OLD spec. New spec chapters will be completed hopefully some time in 2021.

You can now buy the Odyssey Comix in a gorgeous full-colour 52-page paperback!

Welcome to Homer’s Odyssey, told through the medium of…comic strips. Greek Myth Comix presents the story of Odysseus in a whole new light.

  • READ the story, referred to as closely as possible.
  • SEE the action, as described in the text.
  • UNDERSTAND the literary devices of the author, and learn how the poet creates excitement, tension and comedy for his audience.

The GCSE set books for study are illustrated here in a way that is perfect as an accompaniment to the original text, for study and enjoyment – even if you’re not a student!

If you’re buying more than one copy, for school for example, check Lulu.coms bulk discounts by clicking here.


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