The Odyssey – Comix and Revision PDF DOWNLOADS

“Just what we’ve been waiting for: the Greek Myths in comic book form.”

Tom Holland, ‘Herodotus: the Histories’, ‘Rubicon’, ‘Persian Fire’ and more.
PDF book images2

“A tongue-in-cheek retelling of Homer’s Odyssey in the style of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

Caroline Lawrence, ‘The Roman Quests’, ‘The Roman Mysteries’, ‘P.K.Pinkerton Mysteries’ and more.

Greek Myth Comix was originally started to help the students in my Classics KS4 and KS5 classes to understand the concepts behind the Homeric epics and Greek pantheon.

Please feel free to show the comix in situ on the website in class or email links to students, but please don’t copy and save them without giving credit. 

Please note: I am currently working on Books 21 and 22 for the new specification, which will be published as soon as they are complete.

Items available: click to be taken to the product…

– PDF of Books 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 (Old Spec)

– New Specification revision comix – Set Text Books 9, 10 and 19

– Set Text Book Bundles for Students and Teachers

– Odyssey Book 1 full comix zine

– Odyssey Student/Teacher Notes and Revision Comix


Greek Myth Comix presents: The Odyssey Comix (Books 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12) PDF


Designed specifically for the old/legacy OCR spec, this contains the set books for the old specification.

See below for resources for the current specification!

Also available as a printed paperback – click here!


Greek Myth Comix presents: The Odyssey New OCR Specification revision comix!

Books 21 and 22 *actually* coming soon…


The Odyssey New OCR Specification revision comix BUNDLES (Books 9, 10, 19)


Books 21 and 22 *actually* coming soon…


Greek Myth Comix presents: The Odyssey Comix BOOK 1

GUMROAD_20BOOK_201_20teacher_20AD crop


NEW: Odyssey Student Notes and Revision Comix – still just £1.50 for students!

GUMROAD revision notes Odyssey

As used by my own GCSE Classical Civilisations Homeric World Odyssey students, this is designed to aid your study – a booklet of notes that will streamline your Odyssey revision and give you context for the set books in the wider poem.

The Booklet contains:

  • Structure of the plot
  • Structure of the Odyssey, chronologically
  • Overall details of the Odyssey in sections
  • Breakdown of the text sections and set text
  • Need to know: Descriptive techniques and how they work
  • Need to know: Effective storytelling techniques and how and why they work
  • Need to know: Themes of the text
  • Setting the scene: Book 1’s opening lines: invoking the muse, exposition
  • Comic helpers: comics that explain…
    •  Xenia— hospitality
    • Nostos—the need to return home
    • Fate and Fortune—the reasons why things happen
    • Kudos and Aidos—reputation, both good and bad, and how you get it
    • Epithet—what is one and how does it work?
    • Formula (example: arming formula)
    • Simile—when something is ‘like’ or ‘as’ something else
  • A full breakdown of the text, chapter by chapter, with emphasis on the set chapters
  • Vocabulary for the set books (and a few others) and techniques

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