ODYSSEUS paper doll fridge magnet set

Ever wanted your own little version of That Resourceful Man to do with as you please?

Now you can have him pinned to your fridge or other magnet-friendly surface, along with his tunic, armour, boars’ tusk helmet, Moly plant from Hermes, veil of Ino Leucothoe, Bag of Winds from Aeolus, a HUUUUGE olive branch for hiding his manhood from Nausicaa, and the fabled Bow which he’s just about to string while in disguise as Old Beggar!

Size shown is Large

Scroll down for more pictures and the unboxing video!

  • Die-cut magnets add a touch of easily switchable flair to your fridge, locker, or file cabinet
  • Available in three sizes
  • Flexible, durable 20mil / 0.5mm vinyl
  • Vibrant color printing
  • Approximately 4mm white border around design
odysseus fridge magnets

*UNBOXING* (Un-enveloping?)

What you can hear is my absolute delight after waiting a fortnight (the magnet sheets are only printed in the States 😬)

The pieces tear out from the surrounding sheet. Annoyingly, two pieces were stuck to others. NOTE: the magnets now all pop out of backing without the need for scissors, unless you prefer to trim the white outline.

# 1

# 2

Originally tweeted by Greek Myth Comix (@GreekMythComix) on May 26, 2021.


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