Build-Your-Own Ancient Greek Columns 3D model

Build yourself a model of the three main Greek Column orders, that can sit on your desk, or provide an afternoon of fun in a classroom. Print in colour or black and white to colour in yourself!

This year has been difficult, and making comics and things while in lockdown and maternity leave has kept me sane. As a thank you for all your support, I am offering this new kit as a pay-what-you-want download, which means you can pay nothing for it at all if you like!

All sales from the first 24 hours have gone to Sportula Europe, a mutual aid network offering microgrants to students, postgraduates and early career researchers in classics, ancient world studies and adjacent academic disciplines, whose ability to contribute to and flourish within academia would otherwise be restricted by financial need.

We continue the mission started by The Sportula in the US in 2018, but with a focus on students and scholars in Europe (including the UK). We offer financial support, with no questions asked, on the basis of solidarity, not charity.

Sportula Europe

You can find out more about the Sportula here.

Thanks to buyers’ generosity, just under £70 was raised for The Sportula’s fund! Thank you!

Full building instructions included, or you can access them with additional pictures and videos here!

Thank you,

Jenks x

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