Ancient Greek Mythological Creatures Advent Calendar!

NOTE: for a pre-printed/pre-made version, click here!

NOTE: for the new TEACHERS EDITION, click here!

Download, print, cut out and stick this Ancient Greek Mythological Creatures Advent Calendar and celebrate the run up to Christmas in a different way this year!

Each day of December, open a door in the calendar to reveal a colourful Ancient Greek Mythological Creature from myth and art, with its name displayed on the inside of the door!

You will need: colour printer, strong paper or thin card, scissors, craft knife, glue stick.

Each Mythological Creature has been taken from Ancient Greek pottery and mosaic, then turned into a colourful depiction. Included are Skylla, Asterion (Minotaur), the Hydra, the Drakones, Pegasus, Gorgones, Kerberus, and many others!

Easy to make, just print the pieces, cut carefully with a craft knife, stick together and then open a door every day! Full instructions included.

NOTE: the picture of the creatures is blurred to avoid spoiling the surprise! See the video for an example of the illustration 🙂

Pre-Printed/Pre-Made Enquiry

PLEASE NOTE: I am not doing pre-printed or pre-made postal orders this year. If you would like one to print and make yourself, please use the link here:


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