Ancient Greek COLOUR IN / DRAW YOUR OWN Mythological Creatures Advent Calendar – Teachers’ Edition!

NOTE: for the Print-Your-Own colour version, click here!

Download, print, cut out, COLOUR IN and even DRAW YOUR OWN CREATURES and stick this Schools version of the Ancient Greek Mythological Creatures Advent Calendar, and celebrate the run up to Christmas in a different way this year!

Each day of December, open a door in the calendar to reveal an Ancient Greek Mythological Creature from myth and art, with its name displayed on the inside of the door! Or, draw your own versions of the creatures, or scenes from your favourite myths! It’s up to you!

You will need: printer, strong paper or thin card, scissors, craft knife, glue stick.

The line-art Illustrations of the mythological creatures have been taken from Ancient Greek pottery and mosaic. Included are Skylla, Asterion (Minotaur), the Hydra, the Drakones, Pegasus, Gorgones, Kerberus, and many others! Or, take inspiration from these and draw your own!

Easy to make, just: make your layer selections (numbers and creatures),  print the pieces, cut carefully with a craft knife, colour in, stick together and then open a door every day of December!

Full instructions included.

NOTE: the picture of the creatures is blurred to avoid spoiling the surprise! See the video of the Colour version (also listed) for an example of the illustration and how it can look when complete 🙂

**This price reflects that you buy once, use forever, for multiple pupils!

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