Ancient Greek Mythical Creatures ABC book

Recently successfully launched on Kickstarter!

A paperback of 8″x8″, nicely sized for little hands. The ABC book has 29 full-colour illustrated pages, and a list of the original Ancient artworks on which each image is based, or by which they are inspired.

Each letter of the (English!) alphabet is shown in Upper and Lower case on the page, along with an Ancient Greek mythical creature that either starts with the (transliterated!) letter or has a preceding adjective that does. All the adjectives chosen link in some way with the story of the Creature pictured.

Each illustrated Creature is coloured in soft but bright watercolour tones that balance with the colour of the letters. Hopefully you’ll find it as much of a joy to look at as I and my daughter do!

Purchase a copy from my Gumroad shop (UK only)

Outside the UK? You can purchase a paperback copy on my Etsy shop:

For stickers and posters based on the book, visit my Redbubble shop:

Buy the Colouring Book!


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