Hekate paper lamp for Halloween – FREE

Hekate Paper Lamp for Halloween!

Hekate is shown in her three-bodied form, holding torches, a key and a dagger.

This is a free pattern! However, if you’re using it with a group or a class, please consider making a donation to help keep GreekMythComix.com and the other resources free/pocket-money prices.

You will need:

  • a printer
  • thick paper or thin card that will go through your printer
  • scissors
  • a sharp craft knife
  • glue (a dry glue stick works well)
  • a battery-operated tealight (no naked flame!)

See the lamp in action in my #ClassicsTober post!

Print out the pattern. Then take your craft knife and carefully cut round the grey lines of the pattern, cutting out slivers of paper for light to shine through.

When you have finished cutting, check you have cut out enough by holding your tealight behind it in a dark place to see if enough light shines through.

When you are happy with your cuts, cut out the lamp along the black lines, including the tabs at the bottom of the main section. Then, fold along the thick grey lines at the base and along the top of the tabs. Add glue to the backs of the tabs, then fold them underneath the curved base. Weight the base down to ensure the base dries flat.

Finally, add your tealight and enjoy!

Happy Hallowe’en!


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